Saturday, February 23, 2008

Liberty League International – What you need to know

A few months ago, I was asked to take a look at Liberty League International (LLI) and give an honest opinion about the company.
Now I don’t normally do random searches of businesses on the Internet but Liberty League International was getting some bad press (look at the update at the bottom of the article) so I thought I would help a friend and investigate to find the truth about Liberty League International.


I found the company had a high level of integrity and had a solid business plan, which was designed for not only the business to succeed but also its associates to become the best in their field.
Company leadership has vision and commitment to achieving incredible global heights.
The company provides its associates with fantastic support and training with one on one individual mentoring.


The compensation plan will ensure that if you are successful, you will accumulate personal wealth that will exceed your expectations. Undoubtedly, LLI provides the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry with profits of at least $1,000, $5000 and $8000. (I noticed that many real estate investors had left their career for LLI)
I have seen companies that have been around for a year or two that have tried to duplicate what LLI has been doing for 7 years, and although some come close, I just couldn’t find one that would match the profit level that someone with a strong desire can achieve through working their LLI business.


I had never seen the level of support and professionalism that I found at LLI. Not only has the company been able to attracted people from a variety of backgrounds, from lawyers to blue collar workers, and from CEOs to students and single moms, but in almost every company I have found, I have seen the success of an individual being tied up to their line of sponsorship.
To fully understand how the team environment works at LLI, anyone can get immediate support from anyone in the company. It’s just a phone call away and regardless of whether they have a financial interest in helping you or not, they will offer advice to help you.


Having been a student of personal development for over 9 years, I have seen everyone from Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins, and attended conferences much more expensive than what LLI offers (Tony Robbin's 'Date with Destiny' was around $19,000), but never had I seen a product so unique and effective.

It really was that good that I purchased it myself.

I’ve got to tell you: It works like a charm, and I have my reasons why I think this is, but I will have to leave it for another time.


Of course, nothing is perfect. A prospect may notice that there is some negative information about LLI on the internet (read the update at the bottom of this article). Unfortunately, whenever someone or a business is successful, there will be a competitor or disgruntled former associate who will have an axe to grind.

If that is what will stop someone from joining a business that may mean that their desire or mindset may not be entirely there. My experience has taught me that everyone has opinions, but only a few provide real facts. As the matter of fact, the best decisions in my life have been the ones when I went against other people's opinions.

Do your own research into the company and you will see that for any negative write-up online, there are many more positive ones regarding LLI and what it stands for.
The fact that so many companies compare themselves to LLI is a sign that LLI is doing something right.

Important Update: Just found out from the attornety general that over 75% of the negative press about Liberty League found on the internet and is fabricated. The owner of is wanted in 36 US states for fabricating stories to demage the images of several companies, fraud, and misdemeanor. There are no properties in his name and no one knows where he is hiding. The site is said to be shut down in the upcoming weeks.


Elena Fraga, Liberty League International Advisor said...

As a former attorney, I am very picky about the legality and any history of any entity I am planning to do business with. I personally investigated Liberty League International myself. I also looked at its disclosures, the compliance agreements, their prior reports. I found that Liberty League International has a serious commitment to integrity, fairness, and compliance. Needless to say, their compensation Plan is brilliant too. After all my research, I decided to Join Liberty league International. That was less than a year ago. Today, I am very pleased by the financial and personal achievements I have had with my home business opportunity with Liberty League International.

LibertyLeagueTheRealTruth said...

I have been involved with Liberty League International for over a year and have NOT MADE ANY MONEY, 85% make an average of $13,000.
I have invested in all 3 products costing US$22,485 and attended 2 conferences. I have spent in excess of $20,000 on various marketing techniques, mentored by a leader and still no success.
I just want to share my experience with others who may be considering joining one of these top tier business opportunities (LifePath included). I am sure this comment will be censored, as are all the comments in these pro liberty league blogs and videos, I am not marketing any product, just want to let people know of my experience which is far more common than made known. Do your research and due diligence!!!